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John Evdemon

Containers on Azure: What To Use When

2 min read

•       "Kubernetes as a Service“ – best for Linux containers

•       pay for VMs, instances, storage and networking consumed by your Kubernetes cluster

•       Container orchestration only – no process orchestration

•       “Containers as a Service” – Azure manages containers for you (“serverless”)

•        Fastest/simplest way to run a container in Azure  - pay only for container duration

•        Best for bursty/occasional workloads (per-second billing)

•       Not a container orchestrator (use ACI Connector for K8S)

•       “Docker as a Service” – use existing containers

•       pay only for App plan used by your service

•       Suitable for long-term Linux-based workloads

•       Windows is support is available but isn't GA yet.

  • Service Fabric

•       Hosting/orchestrating Windows-based services or containers

•       Programming model for stateful/stateless actors

•       Costs based on underlying VMs and storage used – SF service itself is free

•       WebApps

•       Pure PaaS

•       “Sandboxed” – can’t access or install anything on the underlying servers.

•       Won’t work with Xpert Agents (ETW Traces)