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John Evdemon

Thursday, April 13, 2023

2 min read

The Psychology Behind Spotify Ads

I finally decided to start blogging again, or a least start keeping a sort of online journal. In the past I attempted to restrict myself to tech posts only but that got very boring, very fast, and I couldn't keep up with it. I'm going to treat this new version of my blog as an online journal. It'll have a mix of tech posts and personal posts. This approach should keep me more interested in blogging on a more consistent basis.

most-annoying-osund.png I'm listening to Spotify as I write this and ads are periodically playing. I understand that Spotify has to make a profit, but its ads are so incredibly annoying. The ads are intentionally designed to annoy the user until you get sick of it and pay the fee just to get rid of them. There are ways around it, not that I recommend using them.

Pandora-logo.jpgDo people still use Pandora? I used to love Pandora until my fiancé converted me to Spotify (also Pandora still isn't available in Canada). If you use Pandora you should try my favorite old Pandora desktop player because it allows unlimited skips and won't play ads. I still sometimes use Pandora because it does a better job of introducing me to new bands. (BTW Media Monarchy has a wonderful daily DJ podcast of interesting new/old music and bands - it's a great way to expand your musical palate).