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John Evdemon

Friday, April 14 2023

Still working on my taxes

1 min read

Checked into Tim Horton's (Orchard Park Mall)

thumb.jpgThe coffee at Tim's is not as good as Bright Jennie's but it's still far better than anything you'll get at Starbucks.

Lincoln Unmasked

160217.jpgFascinating (if swear-filled) analysis of how surprisingly terrible Abraham Lincoln was for America. Lincoln was not the saintly president that we were led to believe. Licoln severely abused the power of his office to maintain the national government and bring the power of government to bear on his political opponents. Lincoln shut down the press, tried to arrest a Supreme Court Justice, and arrested and deported a congressman who spoke out against his policies. 

"I'm still processing the fact that it was safer to secede
in Soviet Georgia than in the American one."

This video inspired me to add a another book to my to-read stack.  We've been very misled about Lincoln.