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John Evdemon

Wednesday May 31, 2023

2 min read

If It's Digital, You Probably Don't Own It

82078-200.pngYet another reminder popped up today to avoid buying digital versions of media that you care about.  Marvel's digital comic app operated by Comixology is apparently shutting down. Marvel fans who bought comics in the app should be able to access them in Marvel's self-operated app.. This initially seems ok until you realize the monthly subscription fee for the Comixology app was lower than the Marvel app monthly fee. Comixology also had a better user experience and featured comics from many publishers, not just Marvel. Ultimately you should avoid digital versions of media that you love since you don't really own it - the services supporting the digital versions of your media may one day go out of business (which is highly likely given the poor quality of Marvel's newer comics), effectively deleting your digital media collection. If you don't host your own digital media you may one day find it unavailable or, even worse, modfied or removed without your permission.

Bottom line: if you love a book or film, don't buy the digital version unless you are able to download and save the digital file(s) and play them on a device of your choice. If I purchase MP3 files I always download and save them locally - same for movies (download and rip to MP4) and books (audio: rip to MP3, Kindle: save on an external drive). If you can't download and save your digital media then you don't own it and shouldn't buy it.