Notes for the weekly discussion with my Bible Study group.



  • In Acts 10, the Holy Spirit poured Himself out on Cornelius and Cornelius’s whole household. It was the first Gentile Pentecost. Jewish leaders were unhappy about Peter fraternizing with the Gentiles.
  • Peter explained his entire story, including how the Holy Spirit baptized the Gentiles.
  • After hearing Peter’s story, the Jewish believers praised God for granting eternal life to the Gentiles. The Jews recognized the Messiah was also for the Gentiles as was prophesied in Isaiah 41:1, 6; 49:6.
  • The gospel began to spread into Gentile communities in Antioch through two nameless men from Cyprus and Cyrene. Barnabas and Saul, who we now know as Paul, encouraged and taught the new church in Antioch for the next year.
  • The church in Antioch called themselves Christians. This was the first time this term was ever used.

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