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"We wanted to send the word 'LOG' from 'log in', but the network crashed after the first two letters"


If there's no RSS feed it's not a podcast.


Using TLA+ to specify Cosmos DB consistency guarantees precisely.


My deus ex machina sense is tingling.


Nuget manager and Visual Studio's "auto-generate binding redirects" need to play nicer together.


@timbray I went back to Firefox for similar reasons.


@clemensv windmill reference reminds me that @terrygilliam completed his epic quest! Can't wait to see it.


@clemensv I love the Don Quixote reference by the way


@clemensv distributed two phased commit never worked very well. Eventual synchronization of State is a better approach


Anyone else having device provisioning issues with @Keybaseio on Android or am I just lucky?


@jpmorgenthal I skipped Captain Marvel because I'm familiar with the awful comic. My deus ex machina sense is tingling for Endgame.


This is why I've stopped buying e-books. Why buy something when you don't actually own it?


Shazam is a fun flick. Nice to see DC putting out better films.


Some say the cloud computing model was first established 55 years ago.


@HarryTucker another example of people confusing fame with infamy


Irresponsible autopilot users are going to kill someone someday


Keybase Annoyance

2 min read

Keybase is a key directory that maps social media identities to encryption keys (including, but not limited to PGP keys) in a publicly auditable manner. Keybase is a very useful tool and I recommend you check it out.  There are several very cool people on Keybase with whom you can chat and share ideas. 

Today I couldn't bring up Keybase on my phone (Android). The error it gave me was not helpful - indicating that my phone lacked a network connection. 

I checked the app store and saw there was a new version so I upgraded the app (something I rarely do since most app upgrades destroy user experiences in favor of more advertising).  After the upgrade Keybase didn't recognize I me as an existing user (annoyance #1) and asked me to login. After attempting to login Keybase continued to  wrongly insist that my phone lacked a network connection.

After doing some reading online I revoked my Keybase moble client and tried to login again.  No dice - Keybase still wrongly insists my phone didn't have a network connection.  As a last resort I tried turning off Blockada (an excellent way to block ads from appearing in apps).  That did the trick - I was finally able to login and re-authenticate my phone to Keybase. 

I hope this post helps you if ever have this issue with Keybase.


Update: it just happened again.  I think there is a serious bug in the Keybase android app.




Awesome tune. Can't wait for the album. Thanks @titusandronicus.


@jpmorgenthal This is why you syndicate elsewhere but publish to your own site first. Why build content on someone else's platform?


@jpmorgenthal publish on your own site syndicate elsewhere (POSSE)


And now Rosalita is playing in my head. Thank you (seriously)