Notes for my weekly Bible Study group.


  • Acts 24 recounts Paul’s trial before Governor Felix in Caesarea Maritima.
  • Accusations against Paul: Jewish leaders accuse Paul of stirring up trouble, promoting a dangerous sect, and desecrating the temple.
    • The charges against Paul were:
      (1) He was, in the eyes of the Jews, a ‘real pest’ (verse 5).
      (2) He stirred up unrest among the Jews world-wide (verse 5).
      (3) He was the ringleader of a non-Jewish sect (verse 5).
      (4) He tried to desecrate the temple (verse 6).
  • Paul’s defense: Paul refutes the accusations, clarifies his activities, and emphasizes his faithfulness to Jewish law.
  • Felix’s response: Unwilling to make a decision, Felix imprisons Paul but allows him visitors.
  • Themes: Religious conflict, Roman justice, Paul’s unwavering faith.

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