• Romans overview (video): Part 1, Part 2
  • Romans is structured as follows:
    • Books 1-4: Revealing God’s Righteousness
    • Books 5-8: Creating a New Humanity
    • Books 9-11: Fulfilling God’s Promise to Israel
    • Books 12-16: Unifying the Church

Romans 8: Creating a New Humanity


Romans 8 is a powerful and uplifting chapter that follows the internal struggle described in Romans 7.

Here are the key points

  1. Freedom in Christ
    • The chapter opens with a declaration of freedom from condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (v. 1).
    • This freedom is not from temptation or trials, but from the guilt and penalty of sin.
  2. Life by the Spirit
    • Romans 8 emphasizes living by the Holy Spirit, who empowers believers to overcome sin (v. 2).
    • This contrasts with living by the “flesh” (our sinful nature) described in Romans 7.
  3. Adoption as Sons of God
    • Believers are adopted as God’s children, enjoying a special relationship with Him (vv. 15-17).
    • This adoption brings confidence and security.
  4. Future Glory
    • The chapter speaks of the future glory that awaits believers, even though they may face suffering in the present (vv. 17-18).
    • Our suffering is temporary, but the glory is eternal.
  5. Creation’s Groaning
    • Romans 8 mentions creation itself groaning and waiting for its redemption (vv. 19-22).
    • This suggests that the effects of sin extend beyond humanity and impact the entire world.
  6. God’s Unfailing Love
    • Throughout the chapter, the emphasis is on God’s unfailing love for His children.
    • Nothing can separate us from His love, not even tribulation, distress, or death (vv. 35-39).


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  • Faith in Jesus Christ brings freedom from condemnation and empowers us to live a Spirit-filled life.
  • We are God’s adopted children, secure in His love.
  • While challenges may exist, we have the hope of future glory.
  • God’s love for His children is constant and unfailing.

Romans 8 offers a message of hope and assurance to believers, even in the midst of struggle.


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