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Indiekit - this is freaking cool

The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards. It is based on the principles of owning your domain, publishing on your own site and owning your data. Indiekit lets your website use these standards to connect with a wider community and syndicate your content to social networks.

Logic App Error Report Tool

The Logic App Error Report tool enables you to run a program that inspects all of your Logic Apps and then give you a spreadsheet which will list how many errors there are for each Logic App, what errors there are and which action in each instance had an error.

Helper - Logic Apps

Common functionality and common connectivity to applications can be encapsulated for reuse which will make it easy to use the functionality they provide and also reduce the amount of configuration you need for applications.

In the case of Logic Apps, logic app to logic app calls where you reuse the Call Logic App shape are very easy to implement and can save a lot of hastle when you compare it to having to setup connectors over and over again.

Looking at Logic App use of APIM in App Insights Logs

Log Analytics/Azure Monitor and App Insights when used with Logic Apps

A unit testing framework for Logic App Standard

Microsoft recently announced a unit testing framework for Logic App Standard which is really cool and helps plug a gap which we had in Logic App Consumption where you could not run your workflow on your developer machine and check your code works without all of the dependencies on stuff in Azure..

Logic App Standard Integration Testing

For enterprise integration scenarios automated integration testing is more important than unit testing. Ideally though you should do both.

Unit testing with the self hosted framework will make it easier to run lots of tests and scenarios but what happens when you actually deploy your workflow. Will they still run as expected, what happens when your connect to real systems and many other considerations come into play.

Regarding SpecFlow testing for Logic Apps: I am a huge fan of the way this approach allows you to lower the total cost of ownership of your solution by creating self documenting behaviour driven integration tests. I think this approach will make your life so much easier