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My deus ex machina sense is tingling.


Nuget manager and Visual Studio's "auto-generate binding redirects" need to play nicer together.


Anyone else having device provisioning issues with @Keybaseio on Android or am I just lucky?


This is why I've stopped buying e-books. Why buy something when you don't actually own it?


Shazam is a fun flick. Nice to see DC putting out better films.


Some say the cloud computing model was first established 55 years ago.


Irresponsible autopilot users are going to kill someone someday


Awesome tune. Can't wait for the album. Thanks @titusandronicus.


I like shiny new technology as much as the next guy. But not when it's one step forward and two steps back.


RIP Larry Cohen and thanks for all the wonderfully weird films.


Sometimes nuget feels like nothing more than dlll hell on a different platform


Cosmic Clone is a tool to clone\backup\restore and anonymize data in an azure Cosmos Collection


CosmosDB Multi-Master not a solution for fixing conflicts. You need to address these design issues before adopting Multi-Master.


Events are How the Real World Worksβ„’


Still waiting for that Brain Donors 2 announcement.


How soon will show up on


Interesting maps of Azure capabilities:
Azure Services Map:
Azure Heat Map:


That sick feeling you get when a focus stealing dialog box from a different app kidnaps your input.


That's a pretty broad brush they're painting with there. Typical ZDNet clickbait.


Apparently Facebook is down. Is that a bad thing?


Many social media sites have kidnapped our data by dropping RSS and closing previously open apis. Own your data.


When designing for cloud, prioritize ownership costs above using/learning shiny new things. This is the norm - it's not just a cloud thing.


β€œa platform for asynchronous communication that is less time-sensitive” - we already have this, it's called email.


Facebook and YouTube never talk about fake impressions when the feedback is positive.


the best way to find the right autoscaling strategy is to test it in your specific environment and against your specific load patterns