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Author / Editor

I’ve served as the Editor-in-Chief for two industry journals.  I was supposed to write a book on a trendy topic but the trend died before we could get to print and I had to return the advance.

I had a similar experience with a three book series on XML, XSLT, and systems integration but JSON rapidly replaced XML usage.  Ah well, someday I may actually write a book that makes it to the finish line.

I also contributed to several books from Wrox but I don't have references for them.




Editor-in-Chief of XML Journal (later renamed to Web Services Journal)


Responsibilities included:

·       Overhauling the look and feel of the magazine to attract more readers and advertisers

·       Planning and executing editorial calendars

·       Recruiting writers

·       Reviewing and editing articles

·       Reviewing and editing product reviews

·       Monthly columns

·       Monthly editorials

·       Interviewing thought leaders for podcasts

·       Planning/speaking at conferences

·       Promoting the magazine to advertisers

 Articles, Columns and Editorials are still available on the Sys-Con Publishing site.



Founding Editor-in-Chief of Perspectives: Journal of the International Software Architects Association (IASA).


Responsibilities included:

·       Planning the launch of the magazine

·       Developing a content strategy to attract readers and advertisers

·       Planning the initial editorial calendar

·       Recruiting writers

·       Planning and recruiting columnists

·       Reviewing/editing articles and columns

·       Editorial planning

·       Plans to promote the magazine to advertisers


You can download the premiere issue of Perspectives here (PDF format).