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I used to do a lot of work with various technical and industry standards organizations. While I still have an interest in standards, the bulk of the work I’m currently doing is traditional solution design, development, and cloud- based deployment. Listed below are some of the standards I’ve led, developed, or otherwise supported. Contact me if I can assist you with your standards efforts.

·       W3C

o   XML Syntax Working Group

§  contributor/invited expert on the XML 1.0 Technical Recommendation and the XML 1.1 Technical Recommendation

§  contributor/invited expert on the Canonical XML specification

o   XML Protocol Working Group – contributor to XML Protocol TR

·       OASIS

o   Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

§  chair, BPEL 2.0 Technical Committee

§  contributor and sample implementations, BPEL 2.0 specification

§  lead/contributor, BPEL Primer

§  lead, BPEL FAQ

§  lead/contributor, BPEL Use Cases

§  lead, BPEL standards liaisons

o   Universal Business Language (UBL) – contributed VCML to the group’s efforts

o   ebXML Messaging Services – contributed XEDI to the group’s efforts

o   ebXML Registry/Repository – contributed a sample implementation

o   eGovernment – technical support/sample messaging implementations

·       IMS Global Learning Consortium

o   Web Services – led/developed sample implementations and specifications

o   Tools Interoperability – led/developed sample implementations and specifications

·       Post-Secondary Education Standards Council (PESC) – former chair

·       X12 – contributed XEDI to the group’s XML./EDI efforts

·       UN/CEFACT Business Process Working Group – contributed XEDI and sample implementations to the group’s e-commerce efforts, alignment with BPEL effort