Lots of common sense stuff but also some useful tips…

  • Do your dirty stuff inside your own fork.
  • When you are on a feature branch, always rebase or pull –rebase.
  • To make the history look more meaningful and modular, make use of git add -p and git rebase –i
  • Never rebase any shared branch onto your feature branch and force push to any shared branch.

Source: Resistance Against London Tube Map Commit History (a.k.a. Git Merge Hell) | Tugberk @ the Heart of Software

Bookmarking this for my wife’s old car…

  1. Unlock all doors using the power door lock switch on door panel.
  2. Turn ignition from OFF to ON 8 times within 10 seconds, with the 8th time ending in ON. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming mode. (*ON is as far forward as you can turn without starting the vehicle*)
  3. Within 20 seconds press any button on first keyless remote. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming.
  4. Within 20 seconds, press any button on a second keyless remote. Door locks will cycle again to confirm programming. (*If you only have one remote to program skip step 4*)
  5. Turn ignition to OFF. Locks will again cycle to indicate end of programming mode.

Source: How To Program A Ford Focus Remote Key Fob 2008 – 2011 – YouTube