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@timbray Medium is a silo - it is the Hotel California of content.


Vegas is betting on Bran. I'd prefer to see Tyrion on the throne.


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Test Post

1 min read

Blog keeps crashing. Here's a test post to see if it's a problem with an individual post or a general problem.

Nope - there's soemthing strange in this post that causes my blog to crash when I edit it.  :/


Try out the new Windows Command Line!

2 min read

Requirement: You must be on Windows 10 version 10.0.18362.0 or higher.  Please make sure you run Windows Update and verify your version before attempting to install.  At the time this was posted version 10.0.18362.0 was only available as a Release Preview on the Windows Insider program (which you can join here).

There is a new tabbed Command Prompt coming to Windows soon.  The code is on GitHub if you’d like to build and deploy it yourself.  Building and deploying this thing is not easy (I did it last night). 

 I’ve got a build here that you can deploy on your machine if you’d like to try it out. 

To install:

  1. Copy the Terminal folder to your machine
  2. Install the cert (*.cer) as a TrustedPublisher
  3. Right-click on the .ps1 file and select Run As Powershell

Once it’s installed check your Windows menu for Windows Terminal (Preview).  Clicking this should open the new shell (it looks a lot like the old shell).

Hit CTRL+T to show the tabbed interface.  You can open several tabs and use CTRL+Tab to move between them.

The new command shell is very customizable. 

Pick the Settings option to edit the configuration file in Visual Studio.  If you don't have Visual Studio installed you can manually open the JSON settings file using Notepad from C:\Users\<your-profile>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\RoamingState\profiles.json. If you use Notepad you may find it easier to copy and paste the contents of the JSON file into an online editor.  Make sure you save a copy of the original file in case you break something.

I've included a copy of my settings file in the zip as an example.  I modified the settings to also launch Ubuntu, Visual Studio command lines, and the Azure Cloud Shell.



@Carnage4Life probably the same reason you see social media companies dropping support for RSS. It's a shame to see the silos return.


"Give me convenience or give me death" - Jello Biafra


Interesting. REST-ler is an automatic tool for fuzzing cloud services through their REST APIs (PDF).


Azure SQL Connector Limits

1 min read

Parking this here for possible future reference....

There is a 10MB limit on the connector when reading from a SQL Azure DB over an on-premises data gateway. 

Here is the official documentation on this topic:



Introducing Windows Terminal | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers



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@davewiner it's a shame when great content is trapped in silos/paywalls. Publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere


Anyone still struggling to get their Firefox mobile add ons to work can download the fix here:


Service Bus best practice: 2 queues in 2 different (paired) regions in “active” mode. You'll need to handle duplicates but you should be designing idempotent services anyway.


Rough day for Azure

Apparently a bad DNS entry made many services inaccessible for an hour or two.. 


Diversity and discrimination are very different things.
Diversity (good) leads to discrimination (bad) if pursued as a single goal.
Diversity in the workplace is a side effect/benefit of hiring the best people for the job. Anything else is a mistake.