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Diversity and discrimination are very different things.
Diversity (good) leads to discrimination (bad) if pursued as a single goal.
Diversity in the workplace is a side effect/benefit of hiring the best people for the job. Anything else is a mistake.


Mimicking the sound of an existing artist is all artificial and no intelligence.


Attending SakuraCon for my daughter and WSCC doesn't offer free wireless. PDANet to the rescue.


Playstation 4 has the most hostile user experience I've ever encountered.


No one talks about SOA anymore because we're too busy building it

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JP wrote a great article about how the concept of an application has become passé. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.

We've been discussing and predicting loosely coupled solutions (SOA) for years. SOA has finally become the acceptable approach to how solutions are built. The concept of applications has evolved from monolithic silos to abstract groupings of headless services used to resolve business problems.  This evolution to distributed systems requires ceding some control to headless services that weren't necessarily designed in the context of your business problem.  This means we need to calculate SLOs/MTTR/etc of our solution by incorporating the availability, constraints, and performance thresholds of those underlying headless services.  This is really not that conceptually different from the pre-SOA days because we always had some aspects of our applications that weren't 100% under our control (e.g vendor-provided resources like SQL Server or IBM mainframe gateways).

Solution providers need to be able to swap out underperforming services to achieve better overall solution performance.  Not an easy thing to do unfortunately (not yet, anyway).




@clemensv turning 50 definitely beats the alternative


@mims TI-99 4/A with a whopping 16k of memory


Great github profile. Must use desktop view if you're on a phone.


Too bad it requires Chrome. Security keys are more secure anyway (no risk of phishing pages).


Azure AzCopy now supports copying data from an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket.


Using AOP seems interesting but isn't worth pursuing. Event-driven continues to be the best approach.


The DID spec describes an URL that is cryptographically verifiable with no central authority.


@sogrady I remember falling asleep at SFO and missing my plane


"This browser doesn’t support security key logins" Hey @firefox any plans to support security keys?


Regulated speech is not free speech. This does not bode well for the future.


I feel like I need a spell check on my blog.


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New wine in old bottles. We used to call this "contract first"


Change Feed – Unsung Hero of Azure Cosmos DB

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